Ford Kinetic 2.o the EVOS Concept

As we are coming closer to the IAA 2011 the releases start to flow in.
What do you guys think of Fords evolvement of the Kinetic form language
as represented by the Evos Concept?

In comparison to the Kinetic 1.0 concept Iosis X of 2007:

Am I the only one seeing them paddle back in time? Isn’t that Evos something out of the
late 1970ies? They reduced the sculptural volume, even more pronouncing the lines and
planes and combine it with a big gaping mouth that could go right on a Capri. Is this the future?


I’ve been liking a lot of what Ford has been doing but I feel this one misses the mark. The overall package is ver chunky and the design is so fussy. Just look at how many forms are bunched up under the grille. Even with all that complex surfacing the overall result feels like nothing new.

I think it’s pretty good. If I saw 95% of this car driving down the street today I’d probably like it, but as Yo said, it doesn’t really feel that new. It could be ok as an “Angrier and Squintier” face refresh for the current Taurus stuff.

I was digging the Fusion and Edge direction which I still think has more legs than this. This has a little too much Mitsubishi and Aston in it.

…but then there is this Smart concept…with similar lights and grill shape. Who knows, next year will probably be something different again.

This looks just like the Mad Max concept they released a few months back…

It’s got some sweet details, but once again until it hits production it’s just another concept to me. Applying it to a minivan tends to de-sweeten the hotness of your giant 21" rimmed super-coupe.

Brett. I loved the Smart concept… But then it looks like a Beetle, gen 1 TT, Aston Martin, a Ford o21 all got together and had a baby… In a good way.

The photos posted so far really don’t do justice. Try looking here for more:

I like this quote:

“We wanted to simplify the overall [Kinetic] design,” Mays told the assembled media masses. That language, originally shown on the Iosis concept back in 2005 and eventually influencing the entire European Ford line-up, needed to evolve, hence “Evos.”

“It’s paired down, defined, tailored,” Mays asserts, citing the overall sense of “visual premiumness” from the new trapezoidal grille that’s both more attractive and aerodynamic to the clean cutlines of the sides and admittedly Aston-like haunches. But more than any other element of the Evos, it’s the slim head- and tail lamps that turn the volume down.

I agree with it. The current Fords still look very fresh and this is a nice update. It’s pretty cool that an American make will finally evolve their aesthetic rather than go to a whole new trend.

I love the slim headlights. I’ve been wondering where they’ve been seeing as we’ve had LED lights for a few years now. The only part that I don’t like is the kink under the door. I don’t understand this trend of having part lines that look like the designer’s pen slipped and I’m dead against it. It’s like a private joke in a public place.

Actually, Ford accessories emphasized that it used a coupe shape in order to leave out speculation that this could preview any future generation of any of its models, as the carmaker doesn’t have a coupe in its range.

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^ +1. I do agree. They should not just be looking on the outside, they might at least focus on the performance and handling their new concept cars can offer.