Ford/Hot Wheels design competition

They really should give the car as the prize.

Too bad it is UK only:/ It is a track drive in the RS. That would be nice to rag someone else’s car on a track!

What I find strange is that the (juniors) 16 and under category has to built a model of the car they’re designing, and the (seniors) 17 and over only submit a sketch or CAD model, as said on car body design.

That is pretty cool…

Hot Wheels sponsored that for ALL automaters in 07 to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Each manufacturer had several submissions, and Hot Wheels and a panelof judges selected the winning entrants. The winner was responsible for creating a 3D scale model- an inside outside model of unbeleivable detail- All through the manufacture. The winner also got their car made as a special edition Hot Wheels.
All of the designers also got to go to SEMA to reveal their winning design.
Pretty darned awesome in my book…

I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in this challenge, and I can say it is probably one of the best concept challenges you would have.

I will post pics later from home…


Thread Jack!!!

Do any of you remember the Fisher Body Craftsman Guild Model Car Competitions? Or is my age showing… … …

yep, yer age is showing… Seriously, I have heard about that on many occasions.
I know a bit about it, but tell us more…

Great find BTW.

yep, yer age is showing…


I was a bit sloppy with my editing when I posted the link; it was at the bottom of the post. Here it is again.

I was in Boy Scouts and learned of the Competition from an advertisement in Boy’s Life magazine. I was mesmerized with the thought that I could design an automobile; of course every red-blooded American kid shared the same dream. I spent DAYS sketching. But, didn’t we all? My model evolved from balsa wood covered with nylon panty-hose fabric coated with model airplane dope… who knew for modeling clay and plaster?

My apologies for the jack Yo, your post threw me back a few… … .

note that the date of publication is 1966 … I was fifteen.