Ford Focus ST to North America ?!?

This article, announcing the imminent sale of the Ford Focus ST in North America, appeared in the Saturday, Dec. 22 edition of the Wall Street Journal; [Focus ST: Why Should Europe Have All the Fun?]

Old news? Can anyone verify?

If we finally get the 250hp ST… can the 350hp RS be far behind? And if it is, may I have the Sta’wagon flavored one? Please.

Focus ST is here, they started selling them a few months ago I believe.

I don’t think we’ll be so lucky with the RS…it’d be a very niche vehicle, especially when you have it in a lineup next to a Mustang (which Europe doesn’t get). If the economy was doing great I could see them considering transplanting it, but I doubt they’ll do it with the way the market is today.

Lew: We have the Fiesta ST and Focus ST.

Focus: 252 hp out of a turbo 2.0L four. I would prefer the old one’s 5 pot myself.

Fiesta: 197 hp out of a 1.6L four.

Station wagons: The world has decided that North Americans do not need these anymore. Volvo has a sweet new V40, but no wagons in America. Subaru has limited wagons to the Outbacks only. Maybe this is what the Mayans were predicting an end to?