Ford Focus render

Hi, here is the sketch and photoshop render of my future ford focus:

The only things copy/pasted are the wheels and the background!

Classic example of no matter how awesome your rendering skill is, the bad perspective kills it.

Pls check your wheels.


Could you point out the bad perspective in it?

I would like to know too. I hope it’s not in the wheels, I know the front wheel is too narrow, I did that to make the car look like it’s turning toward you.

If you meant for the front wheel to turn towards the viewer, then you need more rubber exposed. Right now, it looks like the whole car is curved.

If you pay attention to how wheels turn, they tend to lean outwards for better turning traction. Mercedes is a very good example for this.

ok, I fixed the wheel somewhat, and the lighting:

god these renders are hard!

Few things that bother me

Wheels are in the same angle. Rear wheel should be in a differnt angle (smaller angle as it is more distant from the viewer)
Back wheel should also be smaller for the same reason.

This making the wheels stand not behind each other.

Car is tilted backward. Could be what you wanted but it makes the above effect even worse.

Wheel logos are round…on oval wheels? I know its Ford but still it is distracting/disturbing the eye.

The detailed background is not helping also. Blending 2 perspectives is very hard.
Try a simpler one.

The design. To me it looks more SAAB. But that is probably me driving one (not this new one, but an older one).
Also a good reference in what is happening with the wheels to the viewer.

Keep it up

Have you been through here:

Thanks guys!

Yo~ I have gone through all of those, I think the only thing I messed up on this one was the wheels, usually my wheels are just as B-art mentioned (see but this time I wanted to make it more dramatic, and I guess it’s hard to do that with copy/pasted wheels on a PS render.

meh, I havn’t done alot of these, and there is still a lot of room for improvement!

Your capturing some of the glossiness of the surfaces, but I think the design needs to be worked out a bit more first.

One thing that throws me off is the bottom line of the car. I think if you drew that in orthographic views its relationship to the ground would be odd.

Also, there are no tracks leading to the car, and a cast shadow on sand would have a soft edge most likely.

I’d be more interested in what kind of Ford this is? For what market? For what consumer? and then how does the design address that…

The front looks very flat. Also the angle or perspective of the is totally of cause the lines don’t go to the horizon its floating somewhere above it. Middle intake should be same height as the ones on the side because not looks like a wierd small mouth.

The gloss is well done but the shape of the front is very odd.

is this better?

I am guessing that you used a photograph as a reference, and I bet that photograph was taken with a telephoto lens, making the rear of the car look wider/longer than it should be.

If you have a regular digital camera, go out there and try to take a photo of a car in similar perspective. Don’t use zoom though, try to keep it to 50mm focal length, and you will see what I mean.

The perspective on the grill doesn’t seem to match the perspective on the bumper facia inlets.

What is going on with the passenger A-pillar?

Side glass reflection throws things off a bit.

Tail lamp seems to float.

Side body reflection could be simplified, right now it detract from the form.

Remember, the primary purpose of a rendering is to communicate a design. I think the design needs to be worked out before you embark on fixing the rendering. Right now it is a bit of a collage of elements from existing things… how does this represent the future of the Ford brand? How does it expand the Focus consumer base and address their needs/desires?

I think you guys are reading too much into this. No I did not use a photo as a reference, the only thing I used was my sketch which I did without any references. Also I’m too young to design anything around anything! I did this for fun, trying to make an aggressive hatch with a sinister stance. Yes it could have been more original, but I often fear going too far out, I need to work on that!

The perspective is often thrown off with my renders. I hope my sketch at least is correct perspective wise (save for the wheels).

I just need more practice!

I think it is good to preface your post with your experience level and what you are looking for.

When you post in here, expect some criticism. This isn’t meant to be jerky, but to help you see where you can improve. I think a lot of young students get caught up in the rendering, I’m just trying to emphasize that the design comes first. Take your time and work it out before you put 40 hours into rendering…

I just saw this rendering of the new Honda hybrid. Check out the angle of the front tire in this rendering. Broken tie bar???

I’m guessing this came out of Honda’s design studio.

very extreme render just yeah the front wheels looks odd. But I think this render is made extreme shape. I think express the front of the car the most to see what front shape he wants. The roof looks kind of odd too but the coloring look very cool

Ya, that looks like more of an emotive sketch. Capture a feel.

render looks good man, nice color work and background.