Ford E-Tourneo van

a new EV van by Ford… and of course Europe only :crazy_face:

A few years ago I owned a Transit Connect (great for bikes and snowboards)
It was a fantastic vehicle, I loved it.


Such cool vans. A few of the contractors we have used in the past year to work on our house have switched from pickup trucks to Transit Vans or the Dodge branded Fiat equivalents. I always ask about them out of curiosity. The reasons are always better gas mileage and you can keep your gear and supplies safe. Both of which make a lot of sense. Once they got the vans they were happier with how much easier they were to load up vs the higher pickups and in the case of the Ford they thought they were more refillable and cheaper to maintain… though I assume an F150 is pretty reliable no?

Of course we live in an urban area in a pretty eco conscious region but maybe this thinking will spread.

Safe, secure and out of sight
It was such a comfortable van, so easy to drive, but, I suppose that’s what it is designed for.