Ford + Doug

This is absolutely hilarious!


Great ads.
for me they sell “Doug” more than the Focus though. Good talent behind it:

Whow !

" Let’s go conduct this private interview I’ve been talking about."

“May I smell your fingers? … Do not smell my boss’s fingers!”

“Do not call my job a Spitfire.”

I like the irreverence, but who is Ford trying to reach with this not-very-lightly-veiled sexist innuendo?

I dunno. Doesn’t make me want a Ford, but I think the idea is to make ford a little cooler and hip.

I just rewatched them all and still am ROFL.


There have been muppets in the Opel Corsa ads in Europe for some time. the first one even had
a hipp name, that I can’t remember. For the last launch they did the C’mons:

That was just stupid. Not funny to me at least.


Well I didn’t say it was funny, I just said it had muppets…
Where does this Doug muppet originate from? Was him seen before?
“If you loose your job, what more fun can you have?”
“Are there any wingman of the year awards?”

what a ratty little animal he is. I like that.


I just rewatched them all and still am ROFL.


But pretty “edgy” stuff I’ll say that. Wife didn’t find them amusing in the least though… must be a chic-thing (she’s not behind me…). :wink:

The Vauxhall “muppets” … also not funny, IMO.

“Doug” appears to be a perilously-close knock off of Kermit … hmmm … wonder if Henson’s Creature Shop is involved?

that is fuc__king funny…

very funny.

Though for a second at the beginning I thought the were going to name him Creative Director.