Ford Bronco

soooo… what do we think so far?

super down if it’s reliable! From that photo It appears that they haven’t screwed it up by adding crazy surfaces, so that’s a breath of fresh air. Also am I seeing some icon 4x4 design language in that grill?

Probably. I hear from friends those things show up on image boards all the time :wink:

Big credit for keeping it a simple design. I always thought the FJ Cruiser looked a little cartoony / silly. This looks simple, but serious. It’s neat how it looks modified from the factory with the fender extensions.

What I’d like to see before making a final call:
-Interior - this is really easy to screw up. I can imagine a sea of swoopy plastic and TVs everywhere which would be the opposite of what a simple off-roader should be.
-That grille. Looks good, but I can’t see the detail. The nice think with the Icon is those intricate details that they do right. Can Ford do that in a mass production car…I don’t know.

It’s missing all the extra badges new trucks get these days. Unless there’s going to be a Raptor Xtreme edition or something after release…

Just saw this on Jalopnik

That tie down on the hood is interesting. I wonder if that will be an option? The proportions of the 2 door are fun.

Jonathan Ward should earn a commission for every one they sell.
For the Rest: wake me up when we as a culture are done reliving a glorified 1968.

I’ll cuddle my groundhog in the meantime.


Personally, I’m looking forward to 1978 nostalgia.

What the heck is this little square tube for besides a place for dirt and water to collect so it rusts out immediately?

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looks like for safety’s sake? …

Huh. Wild. Wonder why they don’t cap it? You can see where it becomes a nightmare to keep clear of debris in those photos.

As a former vintage VW guy, I can say that sometimes capping things makes it worse. When you cap something off, it can trap moisture and dirt that does get in (and it will get in). That leads to more rust than just leaving things open.

I’m curious to have a look next time I see a Bronco in a parking lot though.

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Very true.

but it does seem like a piece of trim could have come down to visually cover it while leaving it open to drain? Just extending that black wheel arch trim down a few inches would have done it, but perhaps there is a reason that isn’t obvious. Or maybe they wanted to show off the ladder frame construction in a world of unibody cross overs? I wonder if this is a piece of a subframe that gets bolted in?