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with all your car sketches, why did you not get a design job with one of the car design studios?

because his cars arent anything special, he is definately a product designer

Transportation design is probably more competetive than the ID market. Think about it, there are two main schools of transport design, Art Center and CCS. They must graduate 40~60 students a year. Plus, you are also competing against international students who would love to work at GM or Nissan in Cali. One of my professors said there are maybe 10 openings in transport design in the US every year. That gives you a 25% shot at best of getting a job in the field. I think the transport companies have been hiring less the last few years too.

I’m not really a Detroit “gas in my veins” kind of guy, never have been. I really love design, the whole proccess. And the idea of only working on one kind of thing allways scared me.

The car sketches on my site are not the best for sure, I need to put some newer stuff up… but I allways loved doodling cars, just nice things to draw, think about, look at.

Maybe it will work out in the future who can say? But I love doing what I’m doing, being involved more with pop culture, designing different types of products, having more creative control, and getting products out in 12-18 months vs 3-4 years.

At the risk of getting flamed… Is anyone else a fan of the new little Volvo station wagon? It harkens back to the old old ones in some ways yet looks sooo now. I freakin’ love it.

Are you referring to the V50? To quote the troll above, it’s nothing special.

yes rude one, the V50. similar in scale to the 1966 122 wagon below plus perhaps the best exression of Volvo’s new design language to date!

oops you’re not rude, guestie guestie IS a troll.

Frankly, it looks like a focus wagon with a 2004-era Audi front end. I assume the taillights are volvo’s blob-on-a-stick design, which (though I find them ugly) are pretty much the only thing that screams VOLVO.

Look at this A4 wagon and tell me the V50 doesn’t look like an A4 with ground clearancend a slightly different hood.

(sorry about low-quality pic)

yeah, it’s similar. I think in person (in car?) the volvo is less blobby. it’s a subtle expression of their new (ish) design language, almost too subtle. almost! When I think about it (as opposed to just whipping my head around when I first saw it - " wuhwazzat?!!") I like it because it’s clearly an evolution from both the new design language and the old. I love the way the sides meet the rear. the front IS a lttle too blobby. It’s a little… Corolla-ish. but hey that’s a good design too. I still come down on the side of loving it. kind of like how I loved the toyota previa and dodge caravan (not the old boxy one now) mini vans when they came out. call me crazy.

and the lines on the volvo are nicer, the surfaces more interesting than on the audi.