For those that hate typing on screens....

but who are appreciative of the integration of retro and contemporary: I think it’s genius! Maybe not for schlepping around, but as a conversation piece and home use.

Edit: after viewing the video that accompanies the article, I changed my mind! Cool idea, bad execution. There is no space bar, like a typical typewriter/keyboard and it’s just painful to use. The whole point was to make texting easier. This doesn’t solve that problem but makes it worse, from what I can tell. I believe, if I am not mistaken, the keyboard also doesn’t follow a QWERTY format. That would be the only reason TO use it, for us who prefer typing to touch typing (texting).

At least the young designer took on something very complex, so kudos to him.

It is a nice connection with the old and new, but apparently serves no purpose other than to make viewers smile. I surely don’t need one, I don’t want to have one, but cool that someone thought of it and had the time to execute it only (hopefully) for the challenge of it.