For Sale: A bunch of cool ID sketching/process/manufacturing books: Twin Cities

Hi everyone:

Not sure if this is the place to advertise this, but I am listing a bunch of ID college days sketching and process/manufacturing books for sale.
If you attend U of MN’s product design program or UW Stout’s ID program, you may benefit from these. I just don’t need them anymore and they are in great condition. Most are under 10 years old.

$50.00 for the entire collection. Must be local. Thanks!

Hey Eameser!
This collection would be so wonderful as reserve books in the library for my students and faculty colleagues, whom I am trying teach and respectively convince that sketching, regarless of your design domain focus, is an essential part of prototyping and communication to their classmates, and future colleagues, managers, C-suite members, etc.
I’m not local, but happy to pay your price plus the additional trouble and expense of shipping (and packing!) out to Seattle.
We could probaby move it to private messaging if you like (never used it on Core yet . . . )
Thanks for the consideration,

I’m local! I’ll take them!