For Love or Money, purdue or UC?

So I’ve been accepted into both Purdue and University of Cincinnati for ID and I live in Indianapolis.

Neither have given me any real scholarships and I have to make my decision in a month.

I’m totally in love with Cincinnati and would really hate to have to go anywhere else, but my mom has convinced herself that I can’t handle the debt that would inevitably come with out-of-state tuition, no matter how great a school it is.

I know Cincinnati is well respected on this site but hardly anyone ever mentions purdue; my questions are:

  1. Is going out-of-state really worth it?
  2. How does Purdue compare with the highly ranked programs of SCAD, UC, CMU, etc?

Please help me!

I’m currently at UC, and while I myself am paying in state, several of my classmates are paying out of state and they seem to think it’s still worth it. A couple of them have been able to get Ohio residency, it’s a pretty tedious process and from what I know it involves proving that you are 100% financially independent from your parents, and the whole process takes anywhere from 1-2 years, so in theory you might be able to get away with paying in state for you last 3 years.

Cincinnati is an extremely strong program, the combination of the teaching staff, the facilities, and the fact that you are part of a University is great. I’m currently taking a welding class at the College of Applied Science, taught by top class welders. There are great Marketing and Business electives to take, or even the possibility to minor in another field. It’s not perfect by any means, and there are times when you have to do a little bit of footwork to get things done, but if you are serious about design it’s a great place and definitely worth the out of state cost in my opinion.

I’m not familiar with Purdue, but out of curiosity what is the in-state cost?

Good luck with your decision.

Go where YOU want. At the end of the day if you get a better education you’ll make more money and then the debt wont really matter. Plus almost everyone graduates with some debt so dont worry about it, it could always be worse.

UC also require mandatory paid internships.

So a lot of your tuition costs are covered by the money you make while co-oping.

Plus, like Choto stated, with proper planning you can get in-state tuition after a year.

A thing to keep in mind though. UC is restructuring it program come 2012. They are switching to semesters from Quarters and thus having to revamp their curriculum. So being in school during the middle of it will have its advantages and disadvantages.

They are switching to semesters from Quarters and thus having to revamp their curriculum.

So being in school during the middle of it will have its advantages and disadvantages.[/quote]

Actually I am aware of that, but they’re switching from quarters to semesters. I was worried about it but then I talked to some people at the school and it seemed like DAAP was more prepared for the change than the rest of UC, so I don’t think that will be a huge issue. I hope.

Purdue would be 17,300 a year with room and board.
UC would be 33,600 a year with room and board.

You wont be living in the dorms the whole time…probably just your freshman year. My vote is UC. Stronger program, and a way more interesting and fun city

oops, i edit. I got a $5000 scholarship to UC so it would really be $28600 with room and board for me.

If I had known about UC when applying for colleges, I no doubt would have gone there. You can’t beat their connections with major companies- Purdue only requires one internship to graduate and they provide NO help with finding it. The portfolios I’ve seen from UC also have a lot of diversity and IMO show a wider breadth of study than Purdue. UC’s reputation also helps tons- I can’t tell you how many times I put Purdue on my resume and the interviewer said “oh, I didn’t even know Purdue had a design department.” Not the best way to start an interview!

I would say go UC and become best friends with Sallie Mae.

Thanks for all your help and advice but I have one more question:

UC is a 5 year program with a year and a half of internships. Does this mean I only end up paying for 3.5 years of tuition or does it even out because you go during the summer too?

I posted this in another thread re: U of C tuition

You are correct 3.5 yrs of tuition. I have $35,088 as the 2010 figure for OOS Tuition/Room and Board at U of C. Add $2000 for supplies and personal expenses and you have $37,088 x 3.5 = $129,808. Also don’t forget that you’ll have to pay for rent and food wherever your internship is (> though you will get paid for your internship> ), unless you end up back at your parent’s house during those months.
If your GPA and SAT’s are pretty good you will most likely be given a Cincinattus Scholarship of $2000 per year ($8,00o total) you may also get an Out of State Cincinattus worth $3000 per year ($12,000 total) so you could bring that grand total down to 109,808.


A miracle just happened and all my problems are solved!

I’m going to UC with only a little more debt than I would have had with Purdue.

Oh and I found out from the admissions people today, for anyone who cared about UC tuition logistics, that you pay roughly for 4 years of tuition because the coops have you in school pretty much year round, but apparently like 60% of students get jobs with one of their Coop’s when they graduate (not to mention those who get jobs outside their coops).

Needless, to say, I’m super excited and had to post everywhere that I could that I had made my decision.
(and I didn’t even have to visit Purdue!) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congrats on reaching a decision =)!