For Kung Fu Jesus, question.

Hi there,

Since you have experience in Industrial Design… was just curious, does kitchen cabinets, faucets, fixtures, sinks… and bathroom stuff like toilets, fixtures, tubs, etc…does that ALL fall under industrial design as well? For example, working for Kohler, etc? I am curious because I am very interested in that field as well, other than furniture design.


While I’m sure you can find examples of them being something else- I would say that YES, most of those kinds of jobs- are Industrial Designers, or graduates of ID.

I just went to Kohler’s website (sorry but I am all new to this and I get giddy as a kid in a candy store about design, LOL) and they also have a furniture line! I had no idea. I just thought they were only bathroom and kitchen stuff. They are designed by people like Anne Saks and Michael Smith. Oh, thanks for that reply, JBHitman. I have always loved design, but never knew much about Industrial Design, per se. But that is not unusual as most Americans don’t know about ID as a career. I always wondered WHO designed most everyday products and had no idea until recently when I got the interest in finding out about a careeer in housewares and kitchen/bathroom stuff and furniture. I almost thought I wanted to be an interior designer until I did more digging and researching online and realized otherwise. :slight_smile: So hence why all my questions. Thanks!

yep. kohler has a large design staff. lots of furniture designers, industrial designers, etc. kohler has a bit of a reputation for turnover among it’s designers. i went to school with someone who left from haworth designing office furniture to kohler, lasted about 2 years, and came back.

i have done some vanity design and residential lighting at a previous job with a firm. the vanities are much like furniture and cabinetry. it was an interesting project.