For interns: what types of work are you doing on the side?


I am just trying to get ideas for finding evening and/or weekend only work that would not conflict with a daytime internship. I am currently seeking a post-grad internship and seeing that most internships are M-F daytime hours, I’d have to find non-conflicting work on the side to supplement my income (esp. if the internship is non-paid or underpaying). What types of jobs did some of you interns (current or past) do while interning?

I have considered looking into barbacking, food running, waiter, hotel desk clerk, hospitality industry, bars, restaurants… I am fresh out of other places to start looking. Any ideas?

Thank you much.

The food industry is going to be your best bet for finding work during the week that wouldn’t conflict with an internship (although in my experience most places start the shifts around 5 which would be tight). Other options are retail or the health industry. Hospitals have a lot of jobs that don’t require any sort of medical education or experience that keep odd hours (food delivery to patients, restocking supplies, front desk, digital records etc). Retail places such as Best Buy or Target are open on the weekends and might be interesting to work at from a product designers perspective.
Most of my experience is in waitressing, which is a great way to make extra cash but hard to break into if you don’t have any previous experience. Chances are you would have to start as a busboy or food runner before you would be given a chance to make the big bucks waiting tables and keeping bar. If you wanted to make it worthwhile you would have to start soon.
The only other thing I can think of would be to work at a bakery because if they bake everything from scratch the shifts start at 3 or 4 am, but that depends on your stamina I guess :slight_smile:

My advice would be to do something ID related if you can’t manage to get paid enough from the internship (although any decent internship should pay you, I barely consider them now if they’re unpaid).
I went to a startup weekend and did an app design for one of the teams. The opportunity to go ahead with the team fell through, but there were some other startups headhunting at the event and I got picked up for some freelance work. I’ve gotten much more experience than if I had worked in the food industry, but the pay is also less dependable if you’re really relying on it.

Hi mirk,

Thanks for the suggestions. I could freelance on the side, but I worry it might put a burden of too much work on me and I fear I might be stretched too thin if I do take on side projects other than the internship (not to mention, as you said, it’s less dependable income as I need something guaranteed and steady). I have decided I could just work a few hours in retail after I leave my internship in the evenings a few times a week. Manhattan is loaded with Duane Reade drug stores (as Starbucks!), many of which are 24 hours, as well as Whole Foods and some other chains which close late. The internship pays a good stipend, so I just need to supplement that with about 20 hours a week at another job. :slight_smile: I was thinking possibly there were other night time options I hadn’t thought of, but it seems we have covered them all.

Thanks mirk.

No problem! Glad to hear you found an internship with good pay!
Just another thought, maybe a smaller store would be better as you would have more responsibility and could get some business management experience out of it? The large chains generally have everything planned out so the lower employees have to do as little thinking as possible.
Working at a hardware store in high school was nice too as I could discuss and give advice about issues the customers were having with building their projects (thinking spatially/ manufacturing). These should be open after normal work hours as well.