For International students

I am applying to UC DAAP, and they want me to take 2 units of foreign language. Since I am an internation student, do I have to take those classes?

do you mean “English as a second language” aka ESL classes?
or a foreign language altogether like Spanish or French?

I had to take 2 credits of ESL 4 in my foundation year at Parsons.
It’s silly and it sucks but it was required.

If it’s a requirement for everyone in general, most likely being an international student won’t be an exception. If they require a college level language class then probably only a previous college level language class will give you transfer credits. But the only place to get a definitive answer is the college itself, give them an email.

Hi Cloud,

to preface, I am an ID student @ DAAP.
Often times foreign language credits are grouped with communication classes, so you can take a class like “public speaking” instead of a language. That being said, most language classes are not taught in English anyway! If you are a transfer student, an exchange student, or a grad student, you may be able to opt out of foreign language credit. Your DAAP adviser will provide you with further information, and depending on your who he or she is, may be very lenient in with you.

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