For Independents - Design Space in Brooklyn

Hey All,

I moved out to Brooklyn about a year ago. I’m a Product Design Engineer and was looking for a Design & Engineering cooperative in the area where independents all worked out of a shared office, could collaborate on projects, or work on building their own products & business. I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I went in on a space in Williamsburg with a dynamic sculptor buddy of mine. We built-out what we’re calling the Kingsland Design & Engineering Lab. Its an industrial space divided into half design lab and half prototyping shop. Excellent for people like myself that split time between computer-aided design and prototyping.

I figure that there must be many sole-proprietors out there in the same boat. It’s tough to find space in NYC, and especially tough to find a space with full-access to a prototyping shop and tools. A fellow shop-mate cut together a little video of the space…

There are only six spaces total to keep traffic down. One space is available. The others are filled with Product Design Engineering, Kinetic Sculpture, Bicycle Design, Metal Fabrication, & Lighting Design.

Design Lab: Six Built-In workstations, Wi-Fi, Large Format & Office Printers, Conference Table, Digital Projector
Prototyping Lab: Two Large Vertical Milling Centers, CNC Bridgeport, Manual Mill & Lathe, Band Saws / Cold Saw, MIG/TIG welding & two welding tables, Vacuum Forming, tube bending, various power and hand tools.

Feel free to contact via email or facebook, or come down and check out whats going on at the shop.

→ Karl