For Graphics designer and I.D softwares Proz!

Found a good information source:
CG India
CGIndia is an Independent online publication, Provides the Most Comprehensive content, Reviews, articles, tutorials links and Daily News updates for the Computer Graphics professionals, Animators, Designers and VFX Artists!

:arrow_right: CG India

well formated site, lots of good info … :open_mouth: .kool
i added into by feedburner list :smiley:

I died while scrolling down…but good site backed by very nice images

take too much time to load :open_mouth: …but fair enough to be added to my list of feeds :slight_smile:

Too much scrolling :open_mouth:
Its SUCKS !!

:arrow_right: Nice site …added to My Yahoo feed list…and i dont mind scrolling if content on site is good…Which is !! :stuck_out_tongue: