for freelancing? original softwares?

Do all you guys doing freelance from home use the original softwares for your work or what? Or is it worth to go in for all the original ones. As of now I am working on very few projects.[/b]

all freelancers i know are legit.

tread lightly. pissed off people and competitors will turn you in. if i lost a job to freelancer rumored to use warez, i’d do it. gotta make a living. nothing personal.

Keep it legit if you’re going to be billing for it. Unless it’s a modeller solidworks level and above, it shouldn’t be too expensive that 1-3 freelance jobs wouldn’t easily cover. I have stuff that I use just for practice, but I don’t do freelance with them, I’ll go inhouse and use their legal stuff. Plus, some “promo” copies can be glitchy or traceable to who you got it from, not worth the hassle.

just out of curiousity how would someone (i.e. client, company or competitior) find out if work was done on an illegal used program?

Intresting… But what if you are just doing graphics like logos, flyers ect, which would mean just giving the client hard copies and may be a jpg/pdf on a CD

If you are billing, you should have legit software. It is very much an ethics thing. You could get by with warez, but that only shows the character of your company.

The majority of the programs I use (Standard Adobe stuff, Rhino 3d, Misc Macromedia) can be had for under $2k total if you buy from the right sources. Low overhead for starting a business.

not interested in explaining how. only applies to some apps anyways. much more likely it’ll be word of mouth. if you’re any good that is. how that can happen isnt in my interests to explain. i prefer people with warez get caught. less competition :slight_smile:

To protect both your own reputation, and business ethics, purchase the original copies. Pirated software, IMO is no different than stolen designs, when it is used for a profit. After all many warez are riddled with bugs, viruses, trojans, and tracking programs. And the legit software comes with various benefits such as support, tips and tricks manuals/newsletters, workshops, networking sessions, usergroup meetings, and reduced upgrade prices.

If only out to make a buck then the $ of the legit may cloud your judgment, but if it gets out you will never escape the backlash and bad publicity you will receive from using the warez.