For consultants ONLY: How do you organize your workflow

I am reviewing the way I work and I was wondering if other people did this different…actually I am sure they do…so:

When you make contract for a new design job:

  • How many concepts do you intend on showing your client the first meeting ? I usually go for 3…too little? one too many?

  • Once the client has seen this first presentation, how do you proceed? Do you discard one of the design? and keep refining 2 for the next presentation? Do you push him to choose one, and continue working on it?

  • then several further presentation until the design has been accepted…but how many? do you fix this ahead of time whem you write your contract?

  • what do you give your client as a final result?
    final: render, 3D, 2D drawings, models, prototypes




I’d be curious to see examples of proposals from other firms. I think it can only help if we know more about how we are all quoting. This way we all stay competitive so we can weed out low ballers who mess up the industry.