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Hey everyone.

I am at that point of starting my college years and I have a question or two. If i wait until I am 21 (2 years from now) I can get into the Design program at the school I want to attend without having to upgrade all my highschool courses (as a mature student). I figure I could spend money and time doing that, or I could spend money and time studying something else more worthwhile in those two years.

What do you think of taking a 2-year business and marketing dimploma program? My goal when I’m done art school is to start up my own design firm or company. To anyone who has experience in doing something like that, would the marketing course be beneficial? I had thought it would be good but am just looking for some other opinions from anyone else with more knowledge on the subject.

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You’re thirty-one years ahead of me. I got my BA in industrial design in 1973, and have run my own business (by the seat of my pants) since 1986.

I just started my Mba work in marketing.

interesting, thanks for the reply.

I figure it couldn’t hurt, I mean sure, it’s not a degree, but I’m there for two years, I’d have to learn something!

anyone else out there have any advice to share??

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Having been through pretty much the same course you seem about to start, and for similar goals, an associates in business is useful, but it is not a replacement for experience, which is what really counts. If I could do it all again, I would have focused just on design initially, then returned for an MBA. As for an alternative topic that would be of interest in terms of starting your own company, Business Law/Finance Law. But that is just me.

The marketing and business courses will serve you well throughout your career. My advice for students who want to run their own firms is to finish school – concentrating on design – and then work as a designer for at least five years. In that time you might work for a variety of studios and in a variety of locations. You’ll learn a tremendous amount about how design firms actually do business, and make a good amount of contacts as well.

After you have a few years of experience under your belot you might be ready to start out on your own. At that time you’ll also have a better handle on the types of people you’ll need, equipment, office space, etc.

Of course, I did not follow that model, and now, with almost ten years experience running my own firm I’m a little more knowledgable about how is should be done…

Good luck!