For anyone who knew Alex Sekely

Rachelle! Alex’s youngest daughter. I remember him talking about you writing a book or novel. He really loved all three of his daughters! I can remember helping him wrap presents with old blueprints. I loved that office in Medina and remember the holidays and parties were the best. Alex was always into something if it was his stereo or for awhile he absolutely loved these flavored seltzer waters and we would go buy out supplies all over. His Porsche 944 was classic and he loaded that up with four of us to go record shopping. Totally miss him and think of him often.

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So a community of designers who were taught by Alex F Sekely were looking for a place to share memories and thoughts about his teaching. He was incredibly talented and see if we can share this forum to share some more thoughts.

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This is so weird.

Was thinking exactly the same.
It’d be more fun if the thread “resolved” itself in some way:
_ get even more bonkers wierd
_ revealed itself to be the non-elaborate (but impressively long-lived) ruse that it appears to be
_ plot twist! is fully legit

Keep Core77 Weird.

AI bots becoming sentient is the only explanation

Hey another 9 years gone by….



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I’m glad to finally learn of Alex Sekely from this thread. I see no problem due to the timelessness design strives for.

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I googled Alex Sekely and unfortunately the only thing that came up other than this thread is a PDF from the Cleveland Institute of Art from 2007 mentioning him.

Out of nowhere, I get an email that brings me back to be reminded why I left this forum all those years ago.

By all means, instead of celebrating Alex’s impact on design students who attended CIA, however small it may seem to the enlightened among us, let’s forget him. Let’s mock. Let’s be what we are. Pathetic.

Hey hey @ykh no need to take it to 11.

Would love to see some of that work! Welcome to share. I’m sure people would love to see the work and hear stories. Some deep content would be welcome.