For anyone who knew Alex Sekely

you probably knew his daughter married Jose Canseco. friend emailed me about the book she put out called Juicy. Alex (rip) is probably getting a chuckle out of this.

anyone read it?

jose oragnized the women in his black book according to their hair color :wink:
i heard alex was an interiors guy, did he ever produce any interesting work ?

Alex did some product way back i think. not sure what. but he did a lot of stores people know. mostly restaurants. and chains like Pizza Hut. his stuff is all around but probably uncredited. sometimes i’ll be in some corporate office (still) and see one of his sketches for a tradeshow. could spot his stuff a mile away since he worked on Mylar iirc.

he also taught at CIA. one of his protege’s teaches there now. Mike Galinni? i think. if you ever look through Core portfolios and see CIA people with sweet looking interiors drawings he’s the real reason why. that guy had some amazing skills.

So glad to see Alex Sekely getting recognized for the huge talent and wonderful teacher he was. I worked for Alex while I was in school and for some time after I graduated. His office was extremely challenging to get into as a full hire and when you could finally make it out of the lowest levels of the office and closer to the skylights and stereo you really felt like you made it. Working with him still stands out as some of favorite times. He is really missed on a professional and personal level by many people. He was instrumental in starting many design careers and being a truly great friend.

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quite the boomerang.

quite the boomerang.

no doubt, a record. me thinks.

I miss the old Core boards, they were way more fun.

So who were you before you joined in 2010?

In the early days there was no registration, and I mean really early days. :wink:

Yes. I do recall plenty of “guest” posts…

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Yes the post regarding remembering Alex Sekely is real… It was the first
time I ever saw any recognition for him although people who he taught and worked
with became top talent at IDEO, Fitch, Retail Planning Associates, HLB, Miller Zell
Alex also supported fine arts and I can remember buying and hanging many
wonderful paintings of Scott Millers (rip). Alex was huge influence and
wonderful teacher no matter how much time goes by… He was the real deal
and should get more recognition.

You have a slow internet connection? First post 9 years after a topic then reply a year later? Are you on Pluto? Is this for real or some sort of super spam time warp thing?

Is this for real or spam? Topic is 9 years old!

If real, please comment or your post will be deleted and account banned.


Looks like you didn’t follow through on that threat. Can you at least change his handle to TimeCapsule, TimeWarp, DoctorWho, or EmmettBrown?

+1 for Doctor Who and the Tardis

Sounds like a prog rock band.


Alex Sekely to be nominated posthumously for Cleveland Institute of Art teaching award 2015.

He is my father. I appreciate the kind words about him. I never knew much about his professional life, and thought I would have more years to learn about him (from him)…so it is nice to know he is appreciated. I do remember when I was 13 he’d pay me $5.00 per hour to make blue prints and do other random stuff at his Medina office, while blasting The Residents our other obscure/cool music.