For all the May 2005 graduates.....

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For all the May 2005 graduates who are looking for jobs or will (atleast should…)start soon… post your portfolios, sketches…websites…etc… I just got done with my website and have started shortlisting cities…companies that I would like to work at. Its a tedious process and I am sure a lot of you are going through that. It would be great to hear about how you are preparing and what you all are doing about getting jobs soon…Just so i dont feel like i am the only one stressing out heh… :stuck_out_tongue: Please share…

Link please

its under my profile… but anyways…here it is again

PS: The misc.Sketching section will get updated after holidays.


i enjoyed looking through your portfolio, you have quite a strong resume!
the victoria secrets project looks interesting…

i think you should do some work on your website though, its not quite doing you justice!

the intro is a bit corny i think. the font isnt very clear, try a pixel font

i think html is good for your work, unless you want to put animations in flash only narrows your audience. but i use flash myself

the orange and black is an okay colour scheme but overall the site doesnt look professional and doesnt do you justice.

you obviously have some web skills so try

post your site and you will get helpful feedback…