For a good cause, part 4

This is my entry in the 4th silent auction of birdhouses. I posted 1 and 2 previously, I don’t think I posted last year. So if you search, you can see the old ones if you wish.

Anyhow, this year I had some extra spaulted maple left over from a bed I made. The front plate is aluminum attached with magnets so you can remove it and clean it out.

Liking that alot iab.

The off-center, hanging over the edge front plate is intriguing; lots of movement there. The “hanging” cleat detail on the back reminds me of how cabinetry is hung. This is intended to sit on a flat surface vs. being hung on a fence, or post mounted?

Home of the Sparrow is a charity in northern Illinois that provides shelter for homeless women and children.

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Beautiful work. That’s tough wood to work with, right?

Love the mix of materials, too. They are polar opposites, but the aluminum feels very warm and inviting.

Hope your design brought in a large donation. Great cause, too.

Thanks gents.

Yes, hard maple is like working with granite. Except in the spaulted areas, there it is softer so you really need to pay attention when you are sanding between the two areas.

The cleat is just for the stand. The auction is still ongoing but I will assist the winner wherever they want to mount it. Its local.

Very cool & nice details!

Very nice! Cool that you do this every year.

Love it!