For a good cause - Part 2

Some of you may remember from last year - Bird House

Home of the Sparrow is a charity in northern Illinois that provides shelter for homeless women and children. They are having a silent auction of bird houses to raise some funds. This one is mine.

Scrap plywood + scrap aluminum + a couple of lunch hours in the workshop (I think mo-i would approve).

I didn’t photograph that the bottom is held on with magnets so you can annually clean the inside of the house.

Nice man, love it. Always love a smart use of magnets! I really enjoy how the aluminum tube celebrates the hanging of the house. I don’t think I’ve really seen that. I think it is great that you volunteer your skills and time for this.

and I do approve, …(not that you’d need that)
as it was time well spent.
it is beautiful!


Thank you.

As my career gets older (I’m forever young :wink:), you spend more time managing and less time doing. It is nice to put pen to paper and get into the shop occasionally. And for getting fulfillment from charity, I prefer the time leg of the time/talent/treasure chair.