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I need some recommendations and advises regarding footwear trade shows.
Our company is dealing with lady’s fashion shoes. We are manufacturing in China and combining some buying as well. Until today, our company’s designers were traveling, alternately, to GDS, Micam & Garda in Europe and HK Fashion Week & Dongguan Shoe Fair in HK & China.
This year we are considering visiting the WSA in Las Vegas and I would like to know your opinion about this one and in general, which trade shows do you prefer visiting and do you know where I could get more info about footwear trade shows.
To those who’ve been in the WSA I would like to know, In rough percentage, how many of the exhibitors are from China and how many of the exhibitors are manufacturers vs. how many are brands.

I would appreciate and help and advise,
Thanks in advance

Only comment I’d make in WSA (and this is historical because I haven’t been for ages) is that trend led companies do not always show newness at this show, they may wait for MICAM, so it can be a bit dull for a designer.

Why? Because there tends to be a lot of copysists at the show, plus it’s really early in the season, they can get the knock-offs out in time for GDS and MICAM.

What product types do you design? I’d recommend Bread and Butter in Barcelona (it was last week) - they’re pretty tight on the door, so you would need an invite if you are a trading /sourcing company and cannot prove otherwise, you might struggle to get in- but this means there is a lot of newness on show. You get a ton of free magazines (take a wheeled bag - I came back with almost an eight inch high stack of style magazines), this year we had a free WGSN trend seminar. For those of us with small businesses (who don’t have the budget for WGSN) this was priceless.
I get a lot out of this show.

Dont’ expect lots and lots of footwear companies though - I go to get an idea of what is going on generally in the world of street fashion, and as this show is early, you can get a good idea of that.

just back from WSA.

I was there more for meeting with potential clients than for trend forecasting (never really good at industry trade shows, IMHO), but wondering if anyone else attended and their impressions.

new brands that looked interesting, trends, parties?


Saw a great brand called Heyday, very fresh approach to streetwear. Also hit aparty at the playboy club, saw a few bald guys there who had a few hot chicks with them and looked like they know how to roll

Hi Tamara and everyone

Im Grace from Mexico

Could you give me some advice about what can I expect from Dongguan shoe show?

Actually Im trying to find a university or arts school that teaches footwear design in china, do you know any?? which city would you recomend to study the footwear market in china??