Footwear Tech Packs. How to create them.

Hello all,

I have just completed a new video tutorial on “Creating Technical Packages” aka: TECH PACKS. Everything you need to know in order to put one together so that a sample prototype can be made. Take a look at the youtube video that explains everything.

I have created some other great videos based around footwear design on my website

I’m currently working on a Photoshop render video based on a loose style and highly detailed style. Check back soon. Should be up by next week.

Let me know if there are any other videos that you’d be interested in and I will look into creating some. Just shoot me an email.


thanks for a great tutorial! I’ve had a hard time finding resources on tech pack creation so this was very informative!

the part on material books was especially helpful to me as well as the part on lasts.