Footwear sketches, just getting goin' with these..

Here’s some sketches I’ve thrown together in the past two days. I started doing some quick pen/marker work on some soccer cleat designs, just trying to get some direction with those. Then the other sketches were done with color pencil. I’m in the process of coming up with a running concept to take further into Illustrator. So, just the early stages, I’ll probably be posting more sketches and ideas behind them a little later. Sorry for not just a normal scan-job of the images. It’s not wanting to cooperate. Feedback is welcome.


Bottom right 2 blue pencil ones are looking nice. Looks like you are more successful with the looser blue pencil.


Yeah, for some reason I’ve always latched onto color pencil. Dunno how that happened. I spent a little bit more time on those as well. Always good to get your feedback. Should this be moved to footwear?

Here’s some baseball turf-shoe concepts I’m working on…

I prefer colored pencil as well, just works better for me. I think these are cool here… it’s still sketching… :wink:

but you might get more footwear specific feedback in the footwear sketching.

On that note, to do a turf should, you gotta have turf traction…

Also check out the new Jeters designed by Jason Mayden.

Knowing your background, I think you will have some great insights into what a baseball athlete needs.

Oh, this is true. Yeah, the outsole I have going on here wouldn’t be too functional for a trainer. Looking at it now. Too much running shoe, too little trainer. I think I let the shox columns take over too much of the shoe, got the runner-style outsole packaged with the shox element.