footwear production vids

Just got back from China with over 300 pics and vids. a sample alpha vid (rough cut, not edited and not final tunes) below.

I have pics/vids on everything from stitching to lasting, assembly, rubber OS molding, EVA molding, last making and casting, etc… hope to go thru them all in the near future and will post to my blog and link/post here as well.

thoughts/comments appreciated. Just wondering what people would like to see and how I can make that happen. Got to say being in a fty again really brought out my inner geek. I don’t know how many "how long does that take, what temperature is that at, why do you do that? questions I asked among the different ftys I was at…).


great video R, I have always wondered about how shoes gotogether there…

One thing I would like to see is exactly what the shoe looks like before and after the molding, because it’s hard to see exactly what (if anything) besides the sole is being added to the shoes

another thing I have been curious about is how the flat shoe panels are sewn into a formed shoe… it seems so difficult, but intriguing.

I’ve got some good pics of the outsole molding if that is what you are talking about (or is it before/after lasting?). I also have some stitching vids… got a lot to go thru, so if you can hang tight for a bit, hopefully it will all become clear.

The process generally, is-

material prep

a previous series from my blog may help in the education of the process

another vid update here-


PS. I’m currently doing the vids on iMovie, though am finding the current version not as feature full as the previous one I used several years ago. I may look into Final Cut Pro, though if anyone has any suggestions for a (hopefully free) solution that is between the complexity/power of FCP and imovie, i’d be happy to hear it. I’m on a mac, BTW.

im interested in this as well :sunglasses:

great stuff R.