footwear production movie, posting?

hi all,

as mentioned, earliner, in addition to the footwear production pics and info, i’ve got over on my blog, first pullover I’m working on editing some footage from the same trip to production factories in china. ive got over 10hours of tape im now going though!..

does anyone know of anyplace i could upload a finished movie clip, or post to share? i cant uploard movies to my blog, and i dont think flicker takes movies either.

if anyone can suggest anything, please lemme know, by PM or post here (maybe others could use the link too). i dont plan on uploading anything enormous, maybe a 10mb or 20mb clip.


sorry, that was me. i dont know why i wasnt logged in.


wow, already got a response. thanks.

here’s the first flick- a quickie tour of a rubber prep area at a vulcanized factory in china. check out it.

more a test (of my editing skills, and the video upload) than anything. i got lots more video!

lemme know what you think.


btw- takes a little while to load, its almost 8mb

Thanks Richard!

For bigger file, try using yousendit or something similar

Thanks again