Footwear Photoshop rendering tutorial

Just a quick post, to let everyone know Im working on a Footwear Photoshop rendering tutorial over at my blog, First Pullover,

I was planning to also post it here, but ther eare just too many images to do it easily (40+) and uploading all through flickr is a pain. Please see the blog, but feel free to comment and add anything here.

If you have any specific hints, questions, etc. throw them down here and ill try to address them in the tutorial.

UPDATE- Complete tutorial now posted HERE: First Pullover: Footwear Photoshop Rendering Tutorial > parts 1-6


Dang, I guess this has been up for a while and I have just overlooked it. Awesome tutorial Rich! Thanks so much for taking the time out to post all of this. Truly amazing!


Thanks! Just trying to help out those new to the industry…

TH, you hardly need any help though. I really dig your stuff. Where you at now?


Thanks Rich!

You are definitely contributing to this new crop of hungry designers, as I think many of us are trying to do. As for me, I am at Skechers trying to catch up to the Rich Kuchinsky’s of the world. LOL

when I open this tutorial it directs me to The Directive Collective, so I can’t look at the tutorial…

ya, i know. First Pullover is down at the moment and redirecting to my consultancy…

please be patient…


if you want to view the tut, click on the original link, then just press ‘stop’ after it loads, but before it re-directs you. worked for me. Great tut BTW!

The tutorial and the rest of First Pullover is now back up. Thanks for your patience.


That tutorial really helped, so thank you!
was looking at some renderings on facebook groups and couldnt really understand how they were done in photoshop, but yours look great! :smiley:

Amazing! good work! definitely proves you can learn something new at any age!

Hey Richard thanks a million for the guidance. Do you have Illustrator tutorials as well that you can direct us to ? Thanks again

thank you… what an amazing shoe photoshopped.

This is awesome thanks you so much. :slight_smile: