footwear painting

I was inspired by Dave Whites’ nike paintings and thought it would be cool to try one of my own designs…(Dave whites stuff is great but it is even better to be painting one of my own designs)

The shoe is the chukka version of the Sperry Cup which is shown on my corefolio…

What do you guys think? Its my first painting since college. Its on a 18 x 24 canvas, and I used acrylics. The pic is a little off because of the flash from the camera.

Not bad Jiggy. I think you can losen it up a bit more still… less rendering, more painting. That’s what is so cool about Dave’s work, it strikes the balence between reverence and irreverence.

it was somewhat difficult to get loose with the paint…i can usually render with markers loosley but i just felt uneasy afraid of making a mistake!..also i was a bit concerned about just doing the same as Mr White. I have already sketched out canvas #2 and will probably give it a shot in the next few days…I’ll post it when completed.


cool, honestly I was tempted to do the same, but I have been stretching my brain on how to do it different than White’s stuff, as you are trying. But alas, my brain is full of pattern revisions, and what the heck I’m gonna do for next season…

AH HA! therein lies the reason (or one of them anyway)why I moved away from footwear into more “mundane” ID…more time to paint.

Great start Jiggy, the level of rendering is there, get looser and go bigger. Blank canvases are frightening. But not as frightening as repelling down buildings in Macau…Canvases won’t hurt you.

Your mantra:

“There is no such thing as a mistake in painting that can’t be painted over or wiped away.”

Sketch with the paint now Tighten it up later. The only thing tougher than starting a painting is knowing when its done. Paint the shoe as if you have no clue as to what it is, who its for and why it exists. I recommend a glass (or goblet) of a fine Pinot before, during, and after to help with the loosening up and fear. and most importantly: relax its supposed to be fun when you are doing your own thing and not getting paid for it.

now on that note I’d like to see twelve versions by next tuesday in three colorways each (So we have something to show buyers when they stop in next week) :stuck_out_tongue:

Relativ…you crack me up bro! I will take the pinot into serious consideration next time I paint :wink: Whats going on out there in the cold hard midwest? Everything going ok? hows married life?

I’ll have those colorways for you just in time for the meeting kohls! :frowning:

I’m confused. Painting is usually considered an art; which is something that has no boundaries or rules. Why are you putting guidelines and direction to someones’ painting?

You are confused. Painting is not an “Art” (with capital “A”) it is a technique. Painting is a medium in which Art is expressed. “Art” has rules and boundaries that are ambigous, contradictory and rationally absurd. There are two constants in every piece of art: technique and execution, which is developed thru repetition and learning.

Its not about dictating guidlines, its about guidance; “pointing the way,” lending a hand and an eye from someone who has been there and done it.

II was suggesting excercises and techniques that would help him express himself better in the painterly medium. The direction I was pointing him is a direction. nothing more. A direction if he so chooses he can persue at his leisure.

the 12 versions/ three colorways comment was an insiders joke; If you took it seriously you need to relax and step away from the tech packs and SATRA files


Going well here, freakin hot summer, Happily married in the midwest revelling in the vague strangeness of the universal middle. Its really enlightening and Zen. I highly recommend it.


nice explanation of art; i just need to practice more on my painterly technique. I will probaly put that off til tomorrow though i was working on executing a cheap and cheerful bottle of rosemont estate shiraz :wink: I think I have the technique down but dont quite get the absurd rules…

glad to har that all is well out there. are you heading to any footie shows in the next few months? ( I know youre out of the biz but we should meet up one of these years. no?)

I’ll post the masterpiece soon peoples

have a great holiday I’m off to montreal friday am!


It seems like you read my comment with defense. I have studied and taught Art for over twenty years, as well as the extended areas of it. Keep following the crowd, sounds like you’re very good at it.

Some one call the fire department, there’s some burning in here.

While Relativ’s post was unesecarily defensive (he can geet that way quickly :blush: 'love ya, but you know its true) I think he did point out a few objective things to work on in the painting wether he liked it subjectively or not.

… it would be cool if you shared some of your work Relativ.

guess I’m swinging by the supermarket for some Pinot tonight.

I started a painting a few months ago, and have only touched it twice, 2 more nights and it would be done, but I can’t muster up the energy to get painting. Maybe the fine pinot will get it going.

keep it up Jiggy :smiley:

Dave white is having way too much fun!

yep I’ll admit it. Shite my reputation preceeds me,… its still that albatross I have to bear… :blush:

yeah I would love to,…(I know put up or shut up) but I’m not ready yet. The technique an execution is not ready for the hi powered scrutiny of the limelite yet.

In short, I’ll shut up.

And to B:

Apologies, I did read it with defense. Its one of the limits of posted internet “chat” you lose the vocal inflections so common in verbal communication. But your last comment was waay off base bro, really. I didn’t just fall off of the pickle boat either. Next time I will follow my comments and critiques up with caveats, disclaimers and non-ironic verbal flourishes so that my critique does not read like deconstructive, destructive discourse.

BTW is this billable? :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Relativ”]In short, I’ll shut up./quote]

… I hope not, its too entertaining to stop now!

There IS a line,…

don’t make me cross it… :open_mouth:

ok Il really shut up now.



You’re ok with me Rel…you’re kind of like the Dennis Miller of shoedogs always off on a rant :wink:

thats probably not witty enough to be billable :frowning:

heres my second painting of my womens Sperry Topsider Top Speed 2 eye boat shoe form spring 2005.

I’m doing a few more and have inquired about showing them at the upcoming SneakerPimps Show in Boston, we’ll see… but all I can say is I’m very happy with the result, already had it framed and its in my master bedroom.