footwear manufacturing

hello everyone. I’m new to this site, so forgive me if this has already been answered. I have a line of shoes that I want to have manufactured. Where do I find a company that could get my product into production? Thank you for your help…Dan.

this is a fairly good resource

However, be ready for heavy financial commitment and if this is your first product, which I assume it is, also be ready for lots of initial-run headaches.

Good luck.

i get questions like this often.

there is a huge investment in time and money that goes into production/development. not to mention $ to distribute, market and sell your footwear.

do you have a brand? business plan? capitol for tooling, samples, development? is this a line of shoes or just one idea?


YEP…theres is a lot of background check on your credibility even if you flash a ton of money…I am a first time shoe developer currently experiencing this…

I would recommend that you work with an agent or a professional. Someone who you can present your brand (line of shoes) to, and whom has experience matching that type of footwear (and budget) to an appropriate factory, in various regions of the world. Depending on your size run, Asia might not be the best place.

There are also several sourcing events throughout the year in most of the production driven countries- try google.

Good Luck

all that being said, its not impossible to launch a new footwear line. i currently am working with several clients (i run a footwear design consultancy) that are starting new brands complete from scratch. new identity, new lasts, new designs, new tooling.

it can be done, but most people just underestimate the resources (and experience) needed.

too often, i get people who have just a sketch of 1 design, and expect to find a fty someplace to make a few pairs. it (unfortunately?) doesnt really work like that.

PM me if you are interested in taking this further after reading all the above comments.