Footwear Internship

I’m in the process of working on a portfolio to send to several footwear companies for a footwear intership and I was wondering what I should include in the portfolio? I called one of the people at the career services but she sounded like she didn’t really have a clue.

Should I include only footwear or various products to show diversity. Should I only include shoes that are made for the company? For example if I applying at Nike should I only show Nike stuff I have done, or could I throw adidas or Puma stuff in there? Finally how many pieces should I include? The more pieces the better of 2 or 3 really strong pieces? I know this could go in the employment section but it is tailored toward shoes.

Yo, Rich K, VD23, and anybody else involved in the industry could you shed some light? Thanks.

in my opinion you should set up your folio so it shows that you are passionate about the industry, but dont specialize so much that it’s the only thing that shines. You will want to have some diversity… and more than just pretty pictures, show your process and how you think. Remember that the people who look at portfolios for review and make these sorts of decisions are designers, most of which have been in the industry for a long time. They understand you dont know everything so dont come off like you do. Just do your best and try to make your ideas stand out. In the end there is no real “for sure” formula so just have fun and make it you.

I am currently at adidas doing my intern…so from where Im at this seems to be the drill…maybe others have diff ideas. Not sure what they look for in interns over at nike, or other places.


I think you said the magic word in the first sentence “process.”

  1. could show other products if again shows your abilities. Would have a majority of the projects be footwear.

  2. wouldn’t just show shoes for that one company. choose based off of areas that interest you or challenge you. Have you done a running shoe, basketball shoe, women’s high heel? all these shoes present different problems an opportunities to show brainstorming an problem solving in various ways but that also differentiate from each other.

  3. well cant tell you how many to include but just thought of this maybe will make some sense…

Feed us, meaning the company. start out with some appetizer (not too much don’t want to get them full on that), then the main course, here have the beef, then a light desert something sweet. Don’t over stuff them.

^I cant talk about over stuffing things…my portfolio was 90pages.

brings up some good points with again process and PASSION. and yes you are the current intern an been for while, seems like you been here as long as me.

good luck with the portfolio/ feel free toss some of it up here to get more feedback.

be well


I think Mark hit the nail on the head.


Thanks for the advice, your comments were really helpful. Dygitalvision I like your food metaphor. I just woke up so anything about food is a plus right now. :laughing: