Footwear Development Networking

I would like to start off by saying that this post is not meant to be a job advertisement.

I am working to fill a footwear development role with a leader in athletic footwear located in the Pacific Northwest. The search has been a bit difficult in finding qualified candidates at the right level and I’d like to ask the community for a point in the right direction. Individuals in footwear development aren’t that visible so possibly someone here could advise me as to new avenues in getting the word out (user groups, associations etc.). Additionally if anyone knows a passive candidate that may benefit from this search let me know.


i suggest that you send Yo a pm. He seems to know quite a bit about this topic.

have you tried posting an ad in coroflot. i know a lot of talented guys out there, and its a pretty small industry once you get the word out for an opening…as well of course there are lots of footwear recruiters in your area…


Some relevant search sites/firms:

Yep, that’s a great site - use it all the time, thanks.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll shoot him a pm.

Ya know, I had thought about posting to Coroflot. Its my first stop when I am on a footwear design search. I did post this position to

Coroflot is a great site.

I usually post positions at Malakye, I never tried out their candidate/resume database. Is it pretty extensive?

I’ll check out and, thanks!

Generator is a recruiting firm.

maybe try linkedin, not sure if thats a job posting site, but I know some footwear designers are on it