Footwear designs

Hi everybody,

I’m an ID student passionnate for footwear design and I’d like to have comments & critics about my work.

Check it on :

All shoes were submissions to Artist series.

I assumed it may be hard to comment without knowing the process & methodology but still I would really appreciate feedback.

Cheers to all,


wow, and you didn’t make it into the finals?! i’m starting to think that the biased accusations made against KG on are true. it’s a shame you didn’t make it because i can name more than a few iverson X designs that look totally sophomorish compared to yours. good stuff. and can i ask what you used to render the puma with? was it solidworks? once again, awesome stuff, keep it up.

Thx for the support Retro Sole.

I think it’s hard to blame KG. I don’t really know the way they choose the finalists and for example my Iverson X was sent two days after the deadline.

But still, i think KG provide an unique place where amateur and pro share their knowledge and inspiration. I may not been a finalist yet but at least it has motivated me to design a shoe per month.

For my Puma Cosmo_cat design, I didn’t use any 3D software. Everything has been done with good old buddy Photoshop, as many people told me it was way too far time consuming and that the industry doesn’t use 3D to present footwear concept. On the other way, I might try once to model a shoe with Alias to present complex soles for instance.

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wow, all photosop huh? can i ask where you learned the techniques? dvds? classes? books? i can get my photoshop to look like marker renderings, but not photorealistic. that puma is amazing!

yeah, i agree kicksguide provides us sneaker designers a way to compete with eachother but it’s gettin kinda funky. i mean, look at the most recent jordan posted as of today (6/25). no offense to the designer but it’s just not even close to some of the others in terms of skill and presentation.

very very nice stuff. I am disapointed and shocked none of those made it to the finals. I’m going to pass your stuff on to some people.

the comp work looks very presentable-wish there was more of a story with the final works an more initial sketches. I wouldn’t worry about kicksguide or being a finalist or not. do your thang. work hard an post your work anyways. here your there. you will get better that way. just keep working. once your a finalist or won doesnt mean you a perfect designer then-

I would like to see more sketch work on the core portfolio.

good stuff

About the rendering techniques, I have been tough perspective drawing and marker & chalk rendering in my school ( ISD : ). We had a few presentations about digital rendering but mainly we progress by showing each other rendering tips.

I really dove into digital rendering last chrismas after receiving a Wacom Intuos 3 graphic tablet.

Anyway, as many , I’m designing my lebron 3.5 so I will soon share concept sketches.

Thx for the support and feedback.

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Indeed, as others have commented- great work.

For sure your Photoshop skills are top notch! In my experience I would agree with your comment about the 3d rendering being not really applicable in industry due to the time required. Personally, I have always found that super quick marker and quick photoshop stuff is sufficient, and even a few quick gradients on an illustrator line art that can be done in 30mins are enough to communicate a concept.

…all things considered, however, I can’t emphasize enough the power of quick sketching. To me you have already a great idea of correct proportion and good thoughts on construction and design. If I would pick and area to work on (without seeing the rest of your process) it would be sketching different iterations of a concept to problem solve, and work through your ideas. Often the best designs I have seen come from a tabloid sheet of paper crammed with 50 sketches of the same concept with different variations, details, etc.

Keep up the good work though. Your Jordan XXI design/rendering is excellent. Good combination of new ideas and a commercial style as well as picking up on the Jordan aesthetic.


Hey Pikolo nice work man. Is it possible to do a PS +IL tutorial for us? Thanks

I hate to be the one who throws off a subject of topic but I truly needed somebody’s opinion… Im not the semi-pro kick designer nor pro because i just love to do it. ive been doing it since i was 9 or 10 years old. Honestly I dont even know the molding terms or where what material goes where because Ive never taken it that far with school or research. However, I do come up with some good ideas man…

Situation is this, Im in the works of designing some ground up shoe models for this up and coming Sports apparell line and they want me to do their deisgns and they handle the rest. Know granted i now it sounds funny but this a legit thing and i truly do want to get my deisngs out there. How should i go about this:regarding;
Price (compensation), how much hands on should i have in the manufacturing process. All and all, I really dont want to get screwed for my talents. How should i go about dealing with this company.

OOOps i forgot… but you can check out my work and my designs at

thats just one of my designs, im not too sure about posting my stuff (shoes) cuz they mean so much to me, but i do know that nothing is under the sun… Yall understand! lol

Just used the bathroom on myself… simply amazing from start to finish. Michael Jordan was cut from his first highschool varsity try out. I personally dont like puma nor reebook, but i would wear your shoes…