footwear designer

I originally posted this in the portfolio section, but figured that since i want to be a footwear designer this would also be an appropriate place to post.

I am a designer looking to break into the footwear industry. My experience includes a BFA in Industrial Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design and 2 internships with New Balance. I would appreciate any criticisms or critiques of my work, so that i can get to the next level.


The new layouts really take it up a notch.The Beckham stuff looks great… more! The photos on that 830 walking shoe kill. I would take some more dramatic angles with much more contrast in the lighting (reference sole collector or Dime photo shoots) and photoshop some better colors.

On the No boundaries slide, the sketches are far nicer than the rendering, for that type of shoe, check out this guy’s work as reference:

The celtics shoe looks a bit puffy and slow. Good ideas on it, it just needs to be overlayed.

thanks yo ill get on those changes

Nick! hey it’s Lisa From SCAD!

Nice work! …since you have more experience then me, can you check out my footwear concepts I posted here…

I could use your advise :slight_smile:

thanks! Hope all is well!

i am in the same boat as you, trying to get to that next level. i do not have much in the way of criticism, other than some of the work is missing a lil’ touch of flair; visual punch. also think about what type of footwear you would most like to do, and have that reflected in your work; i know showing an ability/ flexibility to do a wide range of product but you may also want to show a particular interest in a specific area?

something that kind of just hit me recently, is at this level, everyone is capable of drawing a nice looking shoe with a nice idea behind it; so it has to engage people more than just visually, so i think getting to that next level is more about infusing certain details & thoughtfulness into your work…easier said than done, but it that is what makes it fun!