footwear designer - step 1

Hi! My name is Poetri Marsela, if my name sounds familiar I made post about posterior walker for disabled children a while back.
Here is the link if you interested Pediatric walker for disabled children to take a look.

Anyway, I’m taking a footwear design class right now at Academy of Art University and hoping to be one day.
I’m going post my shoes sketches (hopefully) everyweek and would like to get feedback from anyone and I’m open to any type of critiques, from sketching technique, rendering technique, proportions and else.

I appreciate your time and feedback I can get and eager to learn more from anyone in here.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Poetri Marsela

Shoes Topic 01: Running Shoes

Shoes Topic 02: Hiking Boots

Shoes Topic 02: Hiking Boots

Shoes Topic 03: Skate Shoes

Shoes Topic 04: Vintage Sneakers

Poetri, some good explorations here. At the start I think it is good to do exactly what oyou are doing, build familiarity with the form and proportion of basic footwear types. You need to start drawing other views than just the side view as well.

Once you get a firm handle on the basic ways to communicate a design for footwear, it is time to push beyond just the shoe itself and start exploring concept, performance enhancement, story, as well as multi-shoe capsules or collections. Keep going!

Hi Michael,

This type of assignment is really helpful for me. Getting understand different proportions for each type of shoes. This week assignment will be drawing lateral, medial and also top down views but I’m struggling to get the proportion of the top down view right and not look like a peanut. Do you have any tips for the top down view?

Soonish I think we will start on project but I have not sure what the brief going to be. Meanwhile I’ve been trying to sketch shoes everyday and work out well.

Thank you