Footwear Design

I was just wondering what is the best book, or website or any means basically that I can use to improve my footwear design skills. Its something I really want to improve on as I am coming to the end of my college degree in Product Design and footwear is the field I want to most pursue but I need to improve on that aspect so I can potentially land myself a job or internship.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you thinking as per career aspect to become an Footwear Designer its has great scope now-a-days. Besides working for his own label one can also work for other brand. They can enter into the market as trade analysts, product development manager or footwear technician besides being a Sales Representative for some branded Company.

Well Patsy, I’d say you’ve come to exactly the right place … you just missed the right forum.

You should have dropped this off in the Footwear & Softgoods section … which is where I’m moving this.

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Firstly thanks for your reply.

I am just after finishing my four year college degree in Product Design and I want to make a career out of design. I have been applying for jobs posted on coroflot but have not had much luck so far. Any recommendations as to how I can change my luck or where else I can look to find employment, internship etc?

Pattsy, it is hard to make a recommendation without seeing your portfolio.

Kenneth Patterson, Product Design Graduate in San Francisco, CA is my portfolio, I have everything I have done from 1st to 4th year in college so far just so you can see my improvement over the course of my time in college.