Footwear Design Student resources

So you want to be a footwear designer?

When I got into the footwear industry in 2001 I didn’t know anything about footwear, let alone footwear design. There was no YouTube. No Google. No Amazon to get books. I was lucky to have the support of a good mentor who kindly provided as much of their knowledge and experience as I was willing to take in. I was afforded the opportunity for hands on learning in the factory and the chance to work on real world projects.

23 years ago I began my journey. I’m still a Shoe Dog in Training.

This resource page is a work in progress to help others on their footwear design journey and what I always wished I could have had when I was a young designer. While far from comprehensive my hope is that this can point students in the right direction and provide a real world counter to all the smoke and mirrors around footwear design that exists on social media.

Thanks to all the fellow footwear professionals who suggested links, provided content suggestions and input.

If you have any additional suggestions or topics to cover, please let me know. Additional content (portfolio tips, sketching skills, etc.) in the works.

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