Footwear Design Sketch/Tech Video

Hey All,

Have been recently making some IGTV videos from the perspective of a runner and running shoe designer.

Here’s the first two-

More in the works and open to suggestions for topics and content.


Really like these two videos. Great information and no pretense. The vertical format works well for the content. (Viewed on youTube on a large monitor.) Look forward to learning more with future videos. What is the scoop out of the ball of the blue last?

Thanks Shaw. More on my IG I will repost here. Hence the the portrait format. I just need to upload to YouTube first which kinda sucks.

The last is an old SKORA last. The concave ball is designed to more closely mimic the foot. The outsole and insole reflected the concavity though to be honest I’m not sure if the cut on the last was actually necessary in hindsight as the insole board doesn’t really take the shape on lasting.


Another one. This one is sort of a design review of the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro with some sketches providing an alternate concept direction…


Getting a bit more technical… (and still sketching)

Basic Foot Anatomy for Footwear Designers
“Do you know your Medial from Lateral? Runner and Footwear Designer Richard Kuchinsky of The Directive Collective explains”

Thanks for posting! These are awesome videos. I am not in footwear but have always loved the category and was extremely particular about my basketball shoes and fit when I played. You made a comment in the Alphafly review video that got me thinking about the spec’ing/designing of a last. I too have noticed that the instep width has been shrinking a lot in recent years. I kind of felt like the dimension just didn’t get scaled well when the design was adapted to my giant size 13 vs the more normal 9ish sample size. That all said, are last designs custom scaled per shoe size? Or do they pick and choose the dimensions that are adapted per shoe size?

Cycling seems to have found an interesting balance in this in recent years as they are now making frames with varying carbon fiber layups based on the size of the bike so that riders across the size spectrum find more common ride qualities regardless of size. That said, does the midsole density/thickness change much from one size to the next?
Thanks, Drew