footwear design (photoshop tutorial)

I already have some sketches in paper, but I dont know how to edit in photoshop, aare there any tutorials?need help. thanks

Edit? What are you trying to edit? What is the purpose of your project?

Maybe edit-like clean up a sketch? or add more shadows or color or put together some sketches to make a presentation?? I dunno but you should check out the sketching section of this forum. there are some good tutorials. even if it’s not for shoes you still could apply whatever they are teaching to what you need.

post what you want to edit an then it might make things more clear

edit my sketch like add colors,darken the lines,add nike/jordan logos etc… using photoshop. how do i do that?what photoshop tools should i use?

my sketch

whenever i scan anything in, the first two things i always do are

-go into filters → noise → despeckle
this cleans up your image in a subtle way

then i adjust the levels by going to…

image → adjustments → levels
then playing with the dark and light values. this brings out your darker lines and eliminates your guide lines (depending on how you draw)

also, you should probably define the lines so you can select individual shapes, layers and panels to color, edit, add texture and what not. otherwise, you get this…

and it’s kinda hard to edit it like that. hope this helps.

scan it as grey scale as well dude, and then progress like this:

thank you so much guys:)