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International Shoe Size Conversion Charts/Converter Tables for Shoes Sizes shoe size chart
Ancient Chinese bound foot for women-just like modern days highhill fetish
exciting stuff, if it ever gets off the ground.

those lasers are pretty interesting. I like the technique alot, but so far the only application I really liked was on Yo’s Nike Barette: nike barette By the way, Yo, I forwarded that page to one of my female co-workers, and I guess its a testament to the excellence of your design that neither one of us noticed that the model was pleasuring herself in one of the photos. Anyway, she bought herself a pair and they are cool indeed.

Heres another one I wanted to stick on my last post. It wasn’t working at the time, but seems OK now.
JAPANESE熟女熟妇,,把舌头伸进她腿间花缝 苏雪,,久久无码精品人妻一区二区三区,,夏目彩春,, SW2 was (is?) the design consultancy firm of Shane & Shawn Ward, who started DETNY a while back,


Thanks very much. Glad you like them, they are getting a lot of love lately.

Those DTNY products are great. I have a few styles here in my office for reference.

I didn’t see this link above:

ive got almost 100 links in my delicious bookmarks on footwear design, development, shops, etc.

check it out,

Thanks for sharing, some really good links in there esp. liked:

thanks. happy to provide links anytime.

as I guess you found out, first pullover is a new footwear design/development blog i’ve just started. glad you like it!

any suggestions to add to the site would be greatly appreciated! I’m working on a “behind the scences” development case study now. (just dont steal my ideas, Nike guy) haha.



here’s a production page from the trippen shoes website:

When I first saw this brand, I was floored- instant love of the way they think of shoes!

This might be helpful-




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