footwear design jobs in chicago?

does anyone know of any footwear companies based in chicago? or consultancies or firms specializing in footwear? any info would be great…thanx

Im not sure if this is in Chicago, but I assume they’re in the upper midwest.
Whats the deal with RedWing shoes, does anyone know anything? are they still in Red Wing MN? up in the Twin Cities? sold off to a company somewhere far away?

I bring this up because I know a few people from Chi up here in Minneapolis, as I am actually from Illinois myself, and I know even more people from up here in Chi.

you Flatlander :imp:

Red Wing Shoes is still in Red Wing MN, still is owned in Red Wing MN and still manufactures in Red Wing MN.

lol flatlander? I haven’t heard that one, was it a barb?

anyways check out redwing for midwestern shoe opportunity, I had a pair last year that I though were really cool.

I believe the only shoe company in Chicago is Wilson Sporting Goods. There are a couple in Wisconsin. Lands End and Florsheim.

Brown shoes is headquarted in St louis, but that would require going to st louis…