Footwear design in Barcelona & Spain ?


I was wondering if there are footwear companies with design office in Spain and especially in Barcelona or around it ?


I think Joma are in Spain (football)

most of the sport shoe manufacturers are near the city of Elche

south of spain , where kelme and Joma are…

unfortunately ,no sport brand in Barcelona…so far

a good day all

Elche is the city where I´m working for a footwear design studio.

I think Elche area is the most important spanish footwear area.

Yeah Kelme,but they´re fucked up.
Joma I think are from Toledo,80km south Madrid.

Zara footwear are from Elche as well.

But If you´re looking for a possition for performance…mmmm.the market for performance in Spain is really bad.

I’m not only looking for performance footwear ; I’m interrested in lifestyle and fashion too, like Camper, Vialis, El Naturalista…?

Camper is in Majorca! Probably the best place ever to have a design office (IMO)