footwear design blog/portfolio

I’ve just finished settting up a secondary blog formatted portfolio site to accompany my footwear design/development blog, First Pullover, which you may already be famliar with.

I have found the blog format to be a great way to easily set up a portfolio site for quick updates, easy formatting, text/pics, etc.

Originally I was thinking of the usual flash/CSS/html portfolio site, but have been really frustrated recently going though so many slow-loading, horrible UI sites in my search that I just figured on keeping it simple. I’d like to know what you think, especially in terms of a hiring perspective. Is content king over sizzle?

Im looking for comments suggestions about the site- ease of use, content, UI, design, etc.

check it out at,



What I’ve always liked about you page layouts from the beginning is that they are fun and show personality. You take a casual photo of shoes stacked up and make it look great. It just begs for an interview call back.

cheers thanks. if you only know how long it took to me art direct the photographer to get those “casual” shots right… i personally ironed all the laces, laced them up, and adjusted the hanging bits like 1000 times!

happy to hear though it works and looks interesting!


funny, they don’t look like they are labored over at all, but now that I go back and look at them the compositions are too good, and all the laces splayed out too perfectly to be just thrown in a pile… nice effect.

as im sure you know, making shoes look nice in photos isnt that easy. i know myself i’ve gone through maybe 3 photographers in recent different catalogs to get something nice.

randomosity is easier said than done!

just wondering- are the shots on your website portfolio pages done yourself or from some nike marketing pics?


a combination. I take a lot of them myself. We have a white light cube about 3ft by 3ft that simulates natural light and daylight that is perfect. The T4G, Girona’s, and others I took myself.

I’m also friends with the guys that do all out promotional graphics and they have a lot of the shoe’s professionally shot. The Show’m and Milers are professional. I’ve gotten better, but my shots tend not to be as dynamic… I like them on white though and we photo on black a lot of times…

lightcube, nice. i used to do all my on photos and still swear by my old nikkon 890,on a white piece of foamcore, but now i luckily get to direct all my own catalog and promo photo shoots, so get something a little more pro.

i also dig the shots on white, although im starting to like the black background more, esp. after you posted those recent great shots of the t4g and show’m.


one other question,

as you can see, I have included downloadable PDF format CV and mini-portfolios on my site.

What do you think about this? Previously I had thought it would be best to just have potential employers email me for the files, so then I could know who is interested, as I do get a lot of “cold calling type” traffic through my site through core, my other blog ,etc.

Eventually I figured just better to get more work out there and I know HR depts usually prefer to download something they can print and share rather than browse a website all day…

in regards to file size and all, how do you find the 1.3mb PDF?


1.3 is fine for the pdf. My only gripe is when you click on the links for some of the pages, the image is the same size as the link. I want to click to get a bigger version to see more detail. I don’t remember off the top of my head if it was like that in your first pullover blog. But in this version, the linked image is the same size as the link so it’s not really necessary to click the link as is. But good work though, really nice insight into the process.

hmmm, good point, i didnt think of that- just figured people would download the PDF if they wanted to zoom in.

the images arent really even inteded to be a link. just a default thing from blogger.

im sure i can fix that though. the images in the Concept Development post should be bigger if clicked. I’ll work on putting up larger versions of the others too, or at least taking away the linking feature if they are the same size, so it wont be disappointing.

thanks for the feedback.


Should be all fixed up now. I just took away the linking.

Also, just finished updating my corefolio, Richard Kuchinsky, The Directive Collective - Strategic, Creative, Footwear Design in Toronto, ON trying to get it more in line with my other portfolio sites.

I’d appreciate any feedback. I’ve found it kinda difficult to organize in the new format with sets, thumbnails, etc. I dont find the new core UI actaully all that particularily intuitive…

Any thoughts, suggestions? I wasnt sure if I should change the featured work to show more final product or keep it as is featured more on development…


nice, I haven’t touched mine since the changeover, gotta check out the new features…

the unlimited amount of images is nice, but why only a limited amount of text to go with each image? not like all the text takes up big server space!

Also, i like the new sets feature, but the UI isnt so great. Once you are looking at an image, you can go back to thumbails, but not back to the top heirarchy to see all the sets. doesnt make much sense.

anyhow, an improvement.

i’d welcome any corefolio feedback too. as you can only show 3 featured images on the overview pages and 4 sets, i tried to show a variety of finished product, different categories, sketches and process work, etc. How’s it look?


PS. works out nice too that my personal corpID is pink and grey with a black to pink gradient, just like the new core. maybe they bit my style, or global coincidnce, but nice for me:)