Footwear companies- Portland area


i’m trying to figure out which companies have headquarters/ offices in Portland ( or surrounding areas). I’m looking for design work but there doesn’t appear to be as many options as I thought.

Companies in Oregon:

  1. Adidas
  2. Columbia
  3. Nike
  4. Keen ( freelance designers only?)
  5. Lacrosse
  6. Le Coq Sportiff

Are there any more?


anyone? MD?


And 1
Converse basketball

I believe all the Merrill stuff is being done here as well.

Monte- I considered converse the same as nike.

As for And 1, they’re leaving portland. I was in the same office… :cry:

MD: i’ll look into it.


It’s 5)Lacoste not Lacrosse héhé and don’t they do everything back in France?

And Merrell is mostly near Montreal and in Michigan.

Why is it that so many are in Oregon?

I know some Merrell stuff was being done at a couple of firms in Portland including the JDK office here, but not sure if that continues.

Lacoste is done in France and the UK to my knowledge.

So many are in Portland because this is where Nike is, and Nike has a huge amount of designers who don’t want to leave Portland.

GHarvey: Nope. That wasn’t a typo. Lacrosse is in Portland

MD: what’s JDK?

My bad!

Jager Di Paolo Kemp

do a lot of color/branding work for various brands, trend forecasting and some design work as well.


Danner is in Portland too, though it looks from the website that it’s a subsidiary of Lacrosse now. Great boots – I still hike in a pair of Mountain Lights I bought in 1997…

rkuchinsky: thanks

Hitch: Yes. From what I understand, lacrosse and daner are linked

So basically if you want to become a footwear designer, move to Portland.

I understand JDK has an office in Burinton VT that service Merrell and Burton

but the Merrell sportswear is Portland based


as far as i know the head office is in burlington. dunno too much about the PDX office.


Portland or Boston for Athletic, New York for lifestyle, Cali for action sports/skate.

dont forget Herzgo, Germany for athletic (puma/adi), or London for ath-leisure are also hotspots as well…

there is more to the world than just US, ya know :wink:


lots! I was just pointing out the US ones.

can you list some of the European spots? Global spots? I am not as familiar.

London (?)
Motnebelluna (Fila +?)
Amsterdam (Nike Europe)

Tokyo (Nike Asia)

Brazil (I forget the city, but there is a Nike design office there as well)

Puma in Tottenham Court Road, London. Lifestyle stuff goes on down there I think.