Footwear business blog

Hey everyone,
came across this blog the other day;

Found out that one of our sales managers was a contributor on the blog, and i became involved. I spoke with the person running it and she has been a recruiter for the footwear industry for a few years now. She started the site due to the fact that she felt that there was no ‘community site’ for the footwear industry as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, its no core77 footwear section :smiley: but i think there are some interesting topics on there, also i think some great stuff for people new to the industry, like myself, and also could be a resource for some students to get a little bit exposed to some of the other aspects of the business, such as sales, distribution, trade shows, etc. things that you will have no exposure to in school. Im sure some of the professionals on here can also provide some insight and commentary to some of the posts as well.

just passing it along, so check it out.