footprints and lifecycles


I’m in my final year studying Transport Design at Coventry University writing a report looking at the social and environmental footprints vehicles create throughout their lifecycle. I want to design a vehicle which has a positive impact on the world around it whilst not falling into the stereotypical associations of what environmental conscious vehicles look like. I am also hoping to see how a sense of fun and enjoyment can be created in a vehicle.

To create as sound an argument as possible i have been carrying out research involving interactive focus groups and sending camera briefs out to people… the results have been interesting! However, I still have some arguments to prove so am conducting a very short survey… and this is where hopefully you come in! Could you please spare 2-5 minutes maximum of your time filling my on-line survey, it’s very simple to use and answer I promise! You don’t need to do anything apart from clicking on the link below, answering the questions …. that’s it.

Thank-you very much