food safe clear labels that stick to polypropolene

We have some parts going to a prototype tool that will need decals if the pad printing we are planning on is not possible. Does anyone know of an indirect food contact grade clear label material that will stick to polypropolene? It would be fine if it is a vendor that uses a special process or if it is something we can do in house with ink or laser jet. Also it will have to survive a 2 week consumer test resisting liquid and whatever else might be thrown at it.
thanks in advance,

Nothing sticks to PP. That is the beauty of PP.

That said, if you corona treat the PP, you can get labels, pad printing and jet printing to stick. Or, if you can, wrap the label entirely around your item so it can stick to itself. The tension, low-tack on the PP and high-tack on itself can keep a label in place. That’s what I had to to keep a label stuck to a PP vial kept at -40 C. PP is tough, cold PP doesn’t stick.