Food-Grade glue and coating for laminated bamboo

I am designing laminated bamboo tableware. But can not find the safest glue and finish/coating for food? Any recommendation? thanks.

My first instinct is to search for food grade epoxy. Relatively inert, I can’t imagine it imparting much taste.

^ That link may help.

When needed, I refinish my bamboo kitchen products with walnut oil. I’ve heard linseed oil is good to have around as well.

Depends on what you need. Do you need FDA approved or do you need food safe?

For example, there is no real difference in the PVA formulations coming from Elmer’s, Gorilla and Titebond. Gorilla and Titebond have gone to the time and expense to go through the testing for FDA approval. Elmer’s has not. That doesn’t mean Elmer’s would pass the testing, they don’t want to spend the money.

So any “white” glue is going to be food safe.

As for finish, again, you can go the FDA route. Or you can use salad bowl finish or shellac. Both will be fine.

Who wants to know, your insurance company?